Installing your Pre-release app on iPhone / iPad [for testing]

What is an IPA file?

IPA is archived version of iOS Applications. IPA is used for testing purpose, IPA can be shared with each other and can be install into iOS devices like iPhone, iPad.


How to install an IPA file on your iPhone, iPad ?

Windows users: Please Download iTunes from Apple if you don’t have already installed in your machine.
Mac users: iTunes should be built in your machine, then also they can Download from Apple.


Update For iTune 11

1. Locate IPA file and Open it with iTunes

2. Attach your device and select it from Upper Right corner



3. Select “Apps” option from menu


4. Locate your app and click on “Install”



Step 5: Click Apply/Sync to install in Device.



Install by Applying changes

That’s it you can see the Application in your device, Enjoy!


For Older iTunes

1. Locate IPA file and Open it with iTunes.Locate IPA in Finder/Explorer



Open with iTunes




2. Select your Device and Select your App

• Please attach you device with your PC.
• Now, you can find your device in left panel under “Devices” section
• Select your Device
• Click on “Apps” from tab menu on Right side.
• Check the checkbox of “Sync Apps”
• Check your Application from list of Application

3. Install the App

Click “Apply” (Bottom – Right Corner) Button to install check marked Applications.



That’s it you can see the Application in your device, Enjoy!

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